Frequently Asked Questions.


Where are you?

We are in Abergynolwyn, North Wales. On the southern tip of the Snowdonia National Park.

Do I have to provide my own motorcycle?

Yes you do. We have routes tailored to enduro/trail bikes and big adventure bikes for all levels of rider - even those that have never ridden off road before. As we ride on public land, your bike must be road legal and fully taxed and insured.

What else will I need to bring?

Your bike will need to be fitted with at least 70/30 all terrain tyres in summer and 50/50 all terrain tyres (TKC80, etc.) in winter, and we require that you wear a good quality well fitted helmet, decent gloves, and off road motorcycle boots with ankle protection. We also recommend knee and body protection as well as goggles and the right clothing for the changeable weather conditions. Drop us a message or give us a call if you have any concerns.

Will my bike get damaged?

That's always a possibility when riding off road, or even on road for that matter. It's part of the risk, but it is rare that it happens and when it does the damage is usually minor. Of course we won't push you out of your comfort zone, and we always do our best to make sure all our customers and their bikes make it home in one piece.

Does it matter what bike I ride?

No. You can ride a Triumph, Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Ducati, BMW, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, Royal Enfield or a quad bike for all we care. As long as it's suitable, road legal, and you book onto the right group or let us tailor a ride to your bike, we'll let you have a go on it - this is about having fun out there after all.

Do you cater to different skill levels?

Yes we do. All our Adventure bike rides are divided into 3 rider experience grades: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced.  

Novice: You are new to off road riding and are not comfortable with mud, ruts, loose rock and singletrack trails. We will introduce you to trail riding starting on fire roads and easy tracks.

Intermediate: You have some off-road riding experience. You are comfortable with riding mud, ruts, loose rock and singletrack trails. We will take you riding on a variety of trails.

Advanced: You have been riding off road for years. You want to make the most of all your trail riding experience to enjoy the trails on offer here and you want a proper challenge. We will concentrate on more technical trails and challenging climbs and descents and keep to a higher overall pace.

All our bespoke and one-to-one trail days are tailored to the customer. 

If you ride an adventure bike (700cc+), please do not book onto an enduro/trail bike day. If you ride an enduro or trail bike (up to 800cc), please do not book onto an adventure bike day. Adventure bike days often take in more road miles and less technical terrain than the enduro / trail bike days.

The categories are not in place to judge your riding skill or bragging rights, they are experience grades, not skill grades as such. We have put them in place so that you get the most out of your time with us, and so that you get to ride in a group with a similar level of experience. If you're still not sure which days are right for you, speak to us and we'll figure it out. :)

How long do the rides last?

We usually ride from about 9 am to 6pm in the summer and from about 9am to 5pm in the winter. Occasionally this varies according to weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

How big are the groups?

We try to keep the group size to a maximum of 6 riders and 2 guides. We sometimes do "fun days" where we take this up to 12 people.

What's the weather like?

Unpredictable is probably the best description! We are in the mountains and on the coast and this makes for changeable weather and lots of wind. Our rides also cover large elevation changes, so conditions can go from dry to wet or warm to cold and back again several times throughout the day. It is a beautiful but inhospitable environment, so pack the right kit and come prepared.

What happens if I break down or get a puncture?

If you have a puncture or breakdown and are equipped for a repair, we will do our best to help you fix the problem. If you are not equipped for a repair, we will help you recover your bike to the nearest tarmac road - from there it is down to either yourself or your breakdown recovery service to transport your bike. Trail riding with us is a group activity and a team effort, we will not leave you sat by the side of a trail on your own.

What happens if I crash and hurt myself?

We use the latest Garmin inReach emergency transmitters to ensure that we can get help as fast as possible, even when there is no mobile phone reception.

Which bike is that you're riding there?

On the adventure bike tours, we ride KTM 690 Enduro Rs. On the trail bike tours, we ride KTM EXC250-Fs.

Which tyres do you use?

We use Metzeler Six Days Extreme on the enduro bikes, and Mitas or Motoz on the adventure bikes.

Do you provide rider skills training?

We are primarily a trail guide service, but when requested we do give basic level advice on technique, line choice and bike handling. We can help you with your riding and the variety of trails here provide an excellent training ground to improve your confidence and skills, we just can't teach you how to go win a Red Bull event.

So you show us the trails and we do whatever we want?

Not quite. Much of our riding is done within a National Park and in areas of specific scientific interest, and all of it is done legally. It is our responsibility to ensure that the land we ride on and those we share it with are treated with respect and common sense - so there are basic rules like no littering, no riding off piste, no worrying or chasing animals, etc. We are about fun and trail riding in a stunning part of the world, we do not run closed course enduro events.

Can I book online?

Yes. We have a series of set events every year for different bikes and rider levels. You can book onto these rides using the BOOK NOW button at the top right of the website. We can also arrange bespoke tours for just you or you and a group of your friends, please contact us using the links provided and we can work out a plan for you.

Can you provide us with accommodation?

We have a number of hotels, B&Bs and campsites in the local area that we recommend.

Is there any small print?

Just our standard liability disclaimer, refund policy, and a set of very basic common sense terms of service, which we request you acknowledge when you make your booking.

Can I have a sticker?

Yes, of course you can. Send us a message and we'll post you a sticker, or even better, come on a ride with us and grab one. :)